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Sunday, October 15th, 2006
6:55 pm
I dunno why, Im really in a diaper mood and dont have anyone to chat with right now, so I figured id copy some surveys i saw and fill them out, so here goes this one...

The Ultimate Diaper Survey
Diaper Basics
Cloth or Disposables? Disposable, I love the plastic feel!
Favorite brand? Depends overnight/maximum protection
Others Youve tried: Prevails
Least favorite? Pull up type
Do you wet, mess, or just wear? 95% of the time, just wet, have tried messing a handful of tiems.
Do you wear on a regular basis? whenever i get the chance and am alone, not all that often..
Age you first realised you wanted to be in diapers again? I dunno, when I was real young
Age you really got to 17 or 18
First adult diaper you tried Depends
At what age were you potty trained? can't recall
Did you wet the bed after that? No
How about daytime accidents? nope
Were diapers ever used as punishment for you? nope
Did you ever wet yourself on purpose to get diapers? nope
Did you ever make home made ones? nope
How about just wetting yourself for the feeling? Of course
Have you ever played with anyone else? Kinda, really long story, ask and ill elaborate more
If so, when was the first time?
Other People
How many people know you wear diapers? None
Positive reactions?
Negative reactions?
Ever had anyone who wasnt into it indulge you with play? I wish
Other Kinks
Are you into...
Age play? Kinda
Watersports? nope
Bondage? no
Transvestitism? nope
Sissys? nope
Exhibitionism? nope
BD/SM? nope
Furry? nope
If you HAD to choose...
Wet or mess? wet
Diapers or other baby items? diapers
bottle or paci? nope
cloth or disposable? Disposable!!
mommy/daddy or equal level diaper friend? Equal
wear diapers 24/7 forever or never again? I guessnever again
What/How many diapers do you have right now? depends over night, half a bag?
Pacis? none
Bottles? none
Baby Clothes? none
Toys and blankets? none
Baby furnature? none
6:50 pm
Do you wear in public? No

What do you wear over it? Normal clothes, special concealing clothes, etc. Do you ever buy clothing specifically intended for diaper wearing (not AB clothing), I mean like, long shirts or extra baggy jeans. - I prefer to actually wear nothing but a diaper when I wear. I love to hear myself crinkle!

What diapers do you wear? What do you like about them? - Depends Maximum protection. They arent to bad, I guess I like them cause they are loud, and its what the store sells.

What diapers have you tried? Depends and a brand called Prevail a few years back

What diapers will you never wear again? N/A

Have you ever been caught in diapers? How did you deal? No, thank god!

Do you prefer pull-ups or real diapers? Real diapers

If you wear in public, where do you wear them? Any place or only at specific times?

Has anyone (you didn't know) ever discovered you? Not that I know of

Have you ever seen anyone (you didn't actually know) wearing a diaper (not babies, duh)? Nope

Do you change in public or only do that at home? Only at home

If you change in public, how do you do it?

Do you find it easier to diaper yourself or have someone else do it? I only do it myself...

If/when you diaper yourself do you lay down or sit up or stand? Umm..mainly stand. I have tried to lay down a few times. I dunno which is the best

Do you use any sort of diaper accessories; baby powder, oil, etc? What is the purpose of that? Baby powder and baby oil. Baby powder cause it smells good and baby oil cause it feels awesome
Friday, March 11th, 2005
3:21 pm

I've been an LJ member for quite sometime now, but never really felt a desire to post. For some odd reason I do now though, so I'll give it a quick go. I am a 22m Diaper Lover, and have been for as long as I can remember. I didnt start actually wearing until I was 17 or so, and even then it wasnt like it was real, cause I would just by baby diapers and tape 2 together, which really doesnt give you the needed diaper effect. I started wearing adult ones around 2 or 3 years ago, and have been pretty much so hooked. Compared to other people, I dont really wear to often though....sometimes I might not wear for a few months, other times I wear everyday for a week or two. I, like apparently many others, am also greatly interested in girls that wear diapers. I dont know why, but its always been very interesting and somewhat of a turn on.

Thats really all I feel inclined to right. I am open to chatting with people about our interest, but I would prefer only girls. That might upset some people - both guys and girls, but I really have no desire to talk to another male about how good they feel wearing there diapers.
Monday, March 7th, 2005
4:23 pm
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